Super soup in the sunny climate!

At the time of writing, the sun is blaring down on the whole of Britain. But, being based in the UK, we are aware that this is not always the case and it may well change very soon. The good news, if you are considering a juice diet, however, that the sun might stay out. Aaaand if it doesn’t get much better then you can always turn to a soup cleanse! Whether it be boiling hot, or freezing cold, a soup would be perfect for you.

Juice Diet and Soup Cleanse

What a fantastic combination of juices and soups Juice Programmes can offer! Whether you are cleansing your mind, have weight loss in mind or simply want a fresh start. you should take advantage of this fantastic combination of two juices and two soups per day. Some people want a bit of variety in their juice cleanse, so what better way is there than adding in some soup!

What’s in the soup?

Well, you can choose two soups per day from four flavours to mix up your juice cleanse. With weight loss being a massive goal amongst our customers (which they usually achieve), you can get hold of Tomato and Red Pepper soup, Leek and Potato Soup, Butternut Squash, and Broccoli! Wow, how good does that sound? Juices and soups arrive frozen in 400ml bottles for you to defrost 24 hours before each day. What else is there to do other than order your cleanse today?!

Ideal for Juicers

A juice and soup cleanse is ideal for starter and regular juicers, and can be used as the perfect meal replacement plan or even a diet supplement plan. This plan includes 2 x juices a day, 2 x soups a day and free weekday shipping (Tue-Fri, pay extra for Saturday delivery). There is also insulated packaging!

Wow. Taken all that in? If so, get on to and pick up your very own juice cleanse today! If you fancy a bit fo variety have a souper spring and get souping in the sun! Ya!


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