Alkaline Juice Programme

7 Day Alkaline Juice Programme


Our Alkaline Juice Programmes contain a much higher percentage of green vegetables than a standard juice programme and are designed for people who have juiced previously or those that are looking for juices that are nutrient rich, but lower in natural sugars. This tried and tested juice programme uses only Grade 1 fruit and vegetables, freshly cold pressed and has helped thousands of juicers reach their health goals. Your programme will be delivered frozen the next working day.

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Product Description

The alkaline-based programme is lower in sugar content due to being solely prepared with fresh vegetables. Similar to the original juice programme, the alkaline range are prepared using cold pressed juicers and frozen to lock in the nutrition. We recommend the alkaline programme for experienced juicers due to the lower calorie count and less sweet taste.

Our juices contain 100% A1-grade fruit and vegetables – absolutely nothing is added. Our cold press process ensures maximum nutrition is extracted prior to rapid freezing to lock in nutrition and freshness. This really is the next best thing to juicing at home.

This Juice Programme will contain the following juices:

4 x Big Bad – Cucumber (60%), Celery (20%), Spinach (7%), Pepper (6%), Ginger (4%), Broccoli (3%)
5 x Sweet Shake – Cucumber (57%), Celery (20%), Courgette (17%), Broccoli (5%), Kale (1%)
4 x  Red Lemonade – Water (80%), Beetroot (15%), Lemon (2.5%), Ginger (2.5%)
4 x Alkaline BB – Cucumber (53%), Celery (19%), Courgette (16%), Spinach (7%), Broccoli (3%), Kale (1%), Parsley (1%)
4 x Sweet Green – Cucumber (57%), Celery (20%), Courgette (17%), Broccoli (5%), Kale (1%)
3 x Alkaline Met – Carrot (50%), Courgette (17%), Beetroot (12%), Celery (10%), Spinach (7%), Ginger (3%), Cinnamon (1%)
4 x Lemon Ginger Zinger – Carrot (67%), Celery (13%), Courgette (11%), Lemon (5%), Ginger (2%), Parsley (1%), Mint (1%)


If you don’t like a flavour or cannot have a specific ingredient please let us know in the order notes section within the checkout and we will swap these out for another flavour.