The Popularity of Juice Programmes

Doing a juice cleanse is becoming more and more popular by the day. There are people all over the world trying juicing and the results speak for themselves! Juice is literally popping up everywhere, and there are clubs, pop-ups, and juice bars all over the cities and towns in the UK on EVERY street corner. If you’ve ever been to one of these places, be sure to let us know! If you haven’t and have a load of questions about juicing before you try a juice diet, then click here! This Juice Programmes blog will also help provide you with ALL the information you need.

Will I get hungry?

We will start with the most common question that we always get here at Juice Programmes. With juicing becoming more popular, people are seeing it as a cleansing tool and also are keen to achieve weight loss. They often see this is as the best way to get beach body ready, especially with the summer now not that far away (scary!). The short answer to this question is no, you will not get hungry because a Juice Programmes diet is full of nutrition and each juice quenches your hunger in exactly the way a meal would. We give you four juices a day meaning you will never go hungry! Of course, there is sometimes a temptation to eat solid foods, but this should pass once your body gets used to it.

How do I prepare?

Contrary to belief, you do have to prepare to do a juice cleanse to optimise your weight loss. Your body will need to be prepared or could you shock it. So, before ordering your juice cleanse, all you have to do is slowly lessen the number of calories you are consuming and remove all potential cravings from the cupboards, hiding them out of sight. You can then start your juice cleanse, whilst going on long walks and getting the boost you need. Make sure once you have finished your juice cleanse that you don’t start eating unhealthily again, and if you do think that might happen, then you should order another juice cleanse to keep the motivation going!

Have you done it yourselves?

Yep, at Juice Programmes we love juicing. A couple of our team even did a juice cleanse challenge to see who would lose the most weight. They did it for alternate reasons, but they managed it! You can follow their progress on the blog page, but if you did miss it, click here and see the final results.

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