Sleeping naked makes you lose weight

We’ve heard it all now! There are many ways you can lose weight, some of which include exercise, some include a juice cleanse and some include sleeping naked (apparently). This is because the lower the body temperature, the more likely you are to lose weight. At Juice Programmes, we have always been aware that sleeping helps you to lose weight, and that is why we recommend you sleep lots whilst on your juice cleanse.

Always sleep

There has been research which has proven that people who do not sleep enough actually gain weight. This is for a multitude of reasons but one main one is that not sleeping is likely to trigger your cravings, or not satisfy them. Either way, you should always sleep (naked) to get rid of your hunger!

Sleeping gets rid of stress

Yep, sleeping gets rid of stress, and help you to lose weight! Everybody who orders a juice cleanse is able to lose weight, it is just accepted and our studies have shown that on average, people lose 1.1lbs a day when doing a juice diet. Well, sleeping naked actually helps you even more. The thing is, Forbes reckon you actually sleep better naked. ­čśü Don’t knock it until you try it…!

Sleeping Naked is healthy

There is a slew of health benefits when you sleep naked. We’re honestly not this making up, but it actually has a load of health benefits and actually can help you feel more confident in your body. As your comfort with your body increases, so does your self-esteem and confidence!

So, sleeping naked whilst doing a juice cleanse could actually lead to the ultimate weight loss for you! Don’t rely on sleeping in the buff to help you lose weight though, this is where a juice diet with Juice Programmes will help!. Order yours┬ánow!

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