If you do not see the answer to your question below please chat to us on our live chat or get in contact.

When will my delivery arrive?

Place your order up to 16:00 Monday to Friday and receive your goods the very next day* Standard delivery is any time between 8:00am and 6:00pm. We do offer a before 1:00pm delivery service at a premium rate and Saturday. Please note: delivery is only Tuesday – Saturday. We are unable to deliver on Sunday or Monday. We can deliver to your home, work or hotel – the choice is yours.

*EXCLUDES HIGHLANDS & ISLANDS which can take up to 48hrs. Please note deliveries to Highlands or Northern Ireland cannot be made on Saturdays – please call 01332 812851 for more information.

Where do you deliver?

We delivery to the United Kingdom only. Excluding the Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland which can take up to 48 hrs – call 01332 812851 for more information.

Can my juices be delivered to a Doddle delivery point?

Unfortunately, we are unable to have juices delivered to any Doddle delivery points due to the perishable nature of our juices. All our deliveries are delivered by courier straight to you.

I would like to collect a juice programme do I still need to book?

Yes, booking is still required as your order will need to be processed by our team. Collection is only available, Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).

I have an allergy to a specific item, can I still order?

Yes. Either call our ‘Customer Hugger’ team on 01332 812851 or chat to us on our live chat, to discuss your specific requirements before placing your order. We are able to substitute any of the juices for another juice that does not contain a specific ingredient, however, we are unable to remake the juice without one ingredient. Alterations to juice programmes will require an additional 2 days production period.

I don’t like some of the ingredients, can I have a juice without them?

Yes. We are able to substitute any of the juices for another juice that does not contain a specific ingredient, however, we are unable to remake the juice without one ingredient. Please call us on 01332 812851 during our office hours or talk to us on our live chat to check this before ordering as stock levels may vary.

Some of the juices/ingredients are slightly different?

Yes. We are occasionally substitute or replace ingredients or even whole juices. We always substitute on a like-for-like taste and calorie basis. Where ingredients are substituted, appropriate notification will be added to the ‘welcome’ pack supplied with all juice programmes.

Can I juice whilst taking medication?

We would always recommend you seek advice from your doctor prior to commencing a juice programme.

Will I get hungry on a juice programme?

Most people are very surprised that they do not get hungry and it’s not unusual for some to struggle to drink the last juice of the day (we would encourage that you do drink it). The main issue is being thirsty not hungry and that is why we recommend you drink at least three litres of water and/or herbal tea a day. If you do find you are hungry then you can always consume a piece of fruit or a carrot etc.

Is there anything I can do to prepare?

Start to cut down on processed foods, tea, coffee soft drinks and alcohol. Reduce your intake of refined sugar, dairy, wheat and red meat whilst increasing your intake of fresh vegetables, salads, fruits, wholegrain and pulses.

When can I start my programme / when should I take the juices out of the freezer?

Our programmes are delivered frozen and should be placed in the freezer as soon after delivery as possible. The night before you wish to start your cleanse take the next day’s juices out of the freezer and put them in the fridge. They will defrost overnight, ready for the next day, just shake to mix the ingredients.

What does the date label on my juice bottle mean?

On each of the bottles there is a label detailing the produced by date and the use by date.


The top ‘produced on’ date is formatted in the following way:
“Year produced . Day of the week produced . Week of the year produced”

The bottom ‘use by’ date is formatted in the following way:
“Day of the month . Month of the year . Year”

Can I add extra drinks to my juice programme?

Yes, water 3 – 4 litres per day. You can also have herbal or minty teas. We do not recommend caffeine while juicing.

I exercise a lot, can I continue to exercise whilst juicing?

Yes, in fact many people report feeling more energetic than normal and want to exercise.

I have not had a bowel movement for a few days is this normal?

Yes, this is normal, you have not eaten solid food for a few days. Just make sure you are drinking plenty of water and your bowel movements will soon be back to normal.

Can I do longer than seven days on a juice programme?

This depends on you, your body and the results you are looking for. We have known people do it for over 30, 60 and even 100 days but wouldn’t personally recommend it. Only you know your body and how you are feeling.

Some of my juices were starting to defrost is that OK?

Yes, just get them in the freezer as soon as you can, they are packed frozen but sometimes delays in delivery/collection can lead to that. They are packaged in polystyrene and covered at both ends so they are kept in the dark to minimise nutrition loss should they start to defrost. It is ok to refreeze the juices if there is still ice crystals in the juice.

My order has not arrived, what can I do?

Any missed deliveries or missing deliveries need reporting to our team within 48 hours of the delivery date. During office hours contact our ‘Customer Hugger’ team on 01332 812851.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

Cancellation can be processed up to three days before your chosen delivery day with a full refund. Up to 48 hours before your delivery day we can allow cancellation, however, we will retain 50% of the price paid due to processing costs of the juices. Any cancellation within 24 hours before delivery day, we are unable to refund the cost to you. Please email us at [email protected] or call 01332 812 851 (during office hours) to cancel.

I don’t want to order online. Can I order over the phone?

Of course! Speak to our ‘Customer Hugger’ team on 01332 812 851 to order your juice programme.

Should I consume the four juices at set times a day?

No, whatever works best for you and your daily activities. We recommend having juice when you would normally take your meals.

I would like to add different ingredients to my juices, can I do this?

Yes. However, please call us on 01332 812851 during our office hours to receive a quotation. Please note that alterations that require additional ingredients may result in a higher price programme.