Swing into Spring with the best juice diet

Is there a better Mother’s Day present than your kids being happy and healthy and joining you on the best juice diet ever? Take a look at our top tips which should help get your kids started on a juice cleanse with you. Let’s start with the morning juices, shall we?

1) You need to juice with breakfast

Wherever you go, everyone will tell you that breakfast is the most important part of the day. It helps you to start your day off right, so you should definitely have a juice breakfast. Doing the best juice diet, a good time to give your child a cold-pressed juice which is bursting with nutrition, along with their healthy breakfast. Nothing will put a smile on your face like your children when they have a taste of their delicious juice. A cold-pressed juice will provide your child with all the vitamins that they need to ensure that they have the stamina to power through their day.

2) Do it together

If you involve your kids in the juicing process along with you then they are more likely to enjoy it. Getting them excited and engaged, you need to bring your child along to the supermarket, meaning they can pick their own fruit and veg. At Juice Programmes, we offer a vast array of juices which are full of different fruit and veg, so we can cater your juices to your taste preferences. Let them be part of choosing which juice cleanse they would like.

3. Make them look appealing

A Juice Programmes juice cleanse comes in appealing bottles which are designed specifically to get the juices out of it. You can always get funky glasses and curly straws to make the juices a little more appealing, but a juice cleanse is usually appealing. With our variety of plans, we can start off using sweet and colourful ingredients, including apples, strawberries, so before you ease the hard green stuff in like broccoli, ease them into it.

4. Let them learn

Not just nutritious and healthy, a juice diet can be a great way to teach your toddler how to count and even identify colours. Whilst doing this with your friends and family, you can also teach them why fruit and veg can be good for them, meaning they continue to be healthy thanks to their juice cleanse. Think back to when you were younger, do you remember your mum telling you that eating carrots will help you to see in the dark? Well, utilise a juice cleanse to be something like that! Wow!

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