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Revolutionise your juice diet today

Revolutionise your juice diet today Revolutionise your juice diet today by adding supplements to your cleanse and making yourself feel much better about yourself than you usually do. As we swing into Spring, Juice Programmes are offering 15% OFF 5, 7 & 14-day...

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The perfect Mother’s Day present

Swing into Spring with the best juice diet Is there a better Mother's Day present than your kids being happy and healthy and joining you on the best juice diet ever? Take a look at our top tips which should help get your kids started on a juice cleanse with you. Let's...

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How to juice in the summer!

Doing a juice cleanse in the summer The summer is filled with sun, sea and exciting foods! BUT, how do you maintain your summer beach body throughout the exciting season and eat all that good food! Especially if it is too hot to run or do any sort of exercise! Well,...

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Stomach Bloating – A warning

Foods you need to include and avoid Do you want the good news or the bad news first about your bloated stomach? A bloated stomach can happen, but Juice Programmes can change it We'll start with the bad news but this can easily be rectified with a Juice Programmes...

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Super soup in the sun!

Super soup in the sunny climate! At the time of writing, the sun is blaring down on the whole of Britain. But, being based in the UK, we are aware that this is not always the case and it may well change very soon. The good news, if you are considering a juice diet,...

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Have you done a juice cleanse? If not, why not?

Have you done a juice cleanse? If you haven't done a Juice Programmes juice cleanse then you are missing out! You must do a cleanse because it could change your life for the better! On a daily basis, you need to give your body time to rest and rejuvenate. Around the...

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5 ways you can eat less chocolate

5 ways you can eat less chocolate! Resisting chocolate is a necessary evil but it is something many of us have to do in order to keep our weight loss down. With Easter just around the corner, there is no doubt we will ALL be tempted by the delicious chocolate that we...

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More and more people are doing a juice cleanse

The Popularity of Juice Programmes Doing a juice cleanse is becoming more and more popular by the day. There are people all over the world trying juicing and the results speak for themselves! Juice is literally popping up everywhere, and there are clubs, pop-ups,...

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Sleeping naked makes you skinnier (Yes, it’s true)

Sleeping naked makes you lose weight We've heard it all now! There are many ways you can lose weight, some of which include exercise, some include a juice cleanse and some include sleeping naked (apparently). This is because the lower the body temperature, the more...

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