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Sparkle like Markle

After seeing Meghan Markle looking stunning on her wedding day yesterday we were wondering how she stays so fit and healthy! So, we did a bit of research and found out that her favourite food is a green juice and she drinks one every day! “Green juice is a...

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The Perfect Wedding Diet

Have you got a Big Day coming up? Whether you are looking to get in shape for your own Wedding, your Besties Hen/Stag abroad or even if you are just a plus one to your partners’ second cousins big day a Juice Programmes cleanse is the perfect juice diet to make you...

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Fancy a Juice Detox?

Fancy a Juice Detox? Do you regularly feel tired and sluggish even when you have just woke up? If yes, then you should try a Juice Programmes juice detox diet.  A juice detox will cleanse your body from within and give you a long-lasting dose of natural energy. We all...

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What is a Juice Diet?

What is a Juice Diet? A Juice Programmes juice diet is a programme consisting purely of freshly cold pressed fruit and vegetables. During a juice diet you commit to consuming four bottles (400ml min.) of 100% cold pressed fruit and vegetables for a time period of your...

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Going the extra mile

With the London Marathon this week, it got us thinking about the best ways to stay motivated and up-keep a healthy lifestyle.

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Cold-Pressed Juice Delivered to you

Cold-Pressed Juice Delivered to you Juice Programmes is a nutritional cold-pressed juice diet that is freshly prepared in-house and delivered to your door. All our juice is cold-pressed and bottled by hand in our expert juicing team. Questions about delivery? We have...

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Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice

Benefits of Cold-Pressed Juice If you haven’t heard, a Juice Programmes cold-pressed juice is all the rage. You may have seen juice bars popping up all around like your local highstreet, gym and even supermarkets. But here at Juice Programmes the juice is delivered...

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Will you pile on the pounds after a juice cleanse?

Will you pile on the pounds after a juice cleanse? Many people worry if you complete a juice cleanse that once you start eating normally again you will pile the pounds back on after your weight-loss.  This depends what your ‘normal’ diet consists of.  A...

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Summer Bodies are made in Winter?

Have you left working on your Summer body a bit late just like us? It’s now the middle of April and you need to fit into your bikini in 9 weeks’ time and you don’t know where to start?

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How to get rid of the Chocolate Overdose

Did the Easter bunny leave you loads of treats too? We went a little bit overboard with the chocolate and hot cross buns this Easter, now all we are left with is a bloated tummy and a feeling of guilt.

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