5 ways you can eat less chocolate!

Resisting chocolate is a necessary evil but it is something many of us have to do in order to keep our weight loss down. With Easter just around the corner, there is no doubt we will ALL be tempted by the delicious chocolate that we will be offered by work colleagues, friends and family! You’ll definitely not want to eat chocolate if you are on a Juice Programmes juice diet, as this will inhibit your weight loss and could cause bad skin. 

1) Avoiding chocolate on a juice diet

When you’ve just whipped your juices out the fridge, the last thing you’ll want to see is chocolate. So, before you start your juice diet you should remove all chocolate from your fridge and cupboards. It is likely over Easter that your boss (!) will flood the office with Easter treats, and I’m afraid all we can suggest is that you bring your juice diet to work. That way, you can stay out the kitchen and if you do find yourself feeling tired and hungry, you can sip on your juice cleanse to give yourself the boost and take away your cravings.

2) Be realistic when avoiding the temptation

We’re not all saints, we cannot always avoid chocolate all of the time. It is tasty and as we said, with Easter coming next month, there will be chocolate everywhere. If you do find yourself tucking into some chocolate, don’t let it get it to you. Just start again, make your next meal your juice and you’ll be happy in no time as you get back on your juice diet!

3) Drink even more water

The NHS has always suggested that you should drink between 6-8 cups of water. If you are doing this already then good! Your juice diet will keep you hydrated but it will also stop you feeling hungry. Drinking water makes you feel full, and so will drinking your juice! Therefore, if you are drinking water and your juices, you won’t feel the urge to splurge on some chocolate.

4) Distract yourself

Yep, there will be times when you can’t consume your juices and boredom may kick in. If it does, you’ll be looking for a distraction. This can come in the form of light exercise… YES! Doing light exercise whilst on your juice diet works! You will naturally be losing weight because of the juice cleanse, but exercise will add to your weight loss! Keep it up!

5) Do a juice cleanse

Of course, if weight loss is your goal then you’ll simply have to resist chocolate. Many people come to us and ask us whether or not they will feel hungry whilst drinking their juices, and our simple answer is no. Our juices are full of nutrition, and once you have completed your lunch or breakfast, you will find yourself not feeling hungry anymore!

Get your juice diet and juice cleanse on track by resisting the chocolate over Easter! Log on to www.juiceprogrammes.com and pick up your 7-day plan here (other plans are available!).

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